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Becoming a mother at a young age creates additional burdens. Here's a little advice and what to expect. Knowing the resources around you helps.

Advice for Young, Single Moms

  1. Rest when your young one sleeps.

  2. Plan your days so that nothing is additionally stressful.

  3. Teach your baby that nighttime is sleep time. Do this by giving a bath, dressing them in PJ’s, feeding, and quietly cuddling them at the same time every night.

  4. Look after yourself. You’re going through a lot. If you neglect your needs, you could start to resent your baby.

  5. Don’t feel pressured to spend hundreds of dollars on the high end items, buy second hand items.


Prenancy in White

What to Expect of Being a Young Mom

  1. You get stares and comments.

  2. You get judgement indeed but, Empathy too.

  3. The challenges change over time.

  4. You take things with a grain of salt.

  5. You learn humility.

  6. Life doesn’t end, it just changes.

  7. Sleep and privacy disappears.

  8. You change for the better.

  9. You become empowered.

  10. It is a lot of sacrifice.

When at risk of becoming a homeless mom, WINGS can provide a place of residence and provides education on for job readiness training. WINGS use the homelessness prevention and rapid rehousing program to get a single mother back on their feet and able to continually support their children.

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