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Being brought up in a household in crisis and domestic violence and breaking the cycle laid in front of you by your parents or guardians is possible. Homelessness is directly related to poverty and single parent households; homelessness is cyclical, generational and monetary.

Living in an abusive home increases the chance of becoming an abuser yourself whether it is psychological or physical. It is essential to gain knowledge to break the generational cycle set within families.

Getting pregnant early is shown throughout generations of single mother households. It is essential to know the importance of protection and prevention to prevent early pregnancy. Breaking the cycle of  poverty and homelessness is needed and can happen if pregnancy occurs.

In addition, the eldest of the single mother household is usually known to pick up the slack of the working parent. If this happens, it is important to know that you can make it out. Know the resources around you that can help aid in success.

It is important that young, single moms know where their future is leading despite their present circumstances.

Education is key.

Applying yourself and the desire to succeed for your children is crucial.

young siblings
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